Frequently Asked Questions


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    The name is derived from the root of the word curiosity. A quick glance at the pronunciation of the word curious, 'kyur-E-"O, sealed the deal. Being involved with the Martial Arts, I decided to add a "do" or "the way of" to the end of the word which resulted in kyureodo or "the way of curiosity". This seemed fitting for a company identity and the name was incorporated in March, 2006.

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    What is the first step?

    The first step on any project is to first determine what your needs are and what will be required to accomplish those needs. During our initial consultation for web development services, we will go over your current website (if it exists) and determine what will need to be put in place to provide you with a fresh web presence. Projects outside of web development (SEO, Ad Campaign Management) will follow similar in suit.

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    Do you host our website?

    Kyureodo does not provide any direct web hosting but does assist clients in deciding who to host their website with. Many factors go into selecting an appropriate host for your site including technology used, email requirements and estimated site traffic. Contact us if you need some help with selecting an appropriate vendor.

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    Will you manage our existing site?

    Yes, Kyureodo will manage most web sites currently in production after a consultation with the client. Management services include making content changes, optimizing for search engines and making sure the application is kept up to date by applying updates and/or security patches.

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    My computer is broke. Can you fix it?

    While I always hate to have anyone deal directly with Nick Burns, chances are I'm just going to refer you to someone. To prevent issues, make sure you have anti-virus running all the time, back up all your files regularly and upgrade your computer every 3-4 years if possible.