Consulting Services

Our Approach

  • 1.
    What is your business need?

    As consultants, our first task is to understand your business and the needs of your business. We will work with you to outline exactly what it is you are interested in developing by asking questions and walking through various scenarios with you.

  • 2.
    What are your goals?

    Once we have defined what it is that needs to be developed or addressed, we will work to define the goals of your project. As the project gets defined, we will outline what will signify a complete and successful project and move on from there.

  • 3.
    What is your budget and timeline?

    As the project and the project's goals are defined, we will work with you to determine costs and what is achievable given your budget for the project and your time requirements.

Common Requests

  • Evaluating 3rd Party Software
  • Developing Lead Generation Programs
  • Web Site Effectiveness
  • Online Marketing Strategy
  • Building a User Base
  • Social Media Strategy

Contact Us


Mitchell: On behalf of the Florida Festivals and Events Association, Inc., (FFEA) thank you for the outstanding service that you provided to our nonprofit association this year. You are certainly a true “website” veteran full of knowledge and expertise. We welcomed your creative suggestions regarding our website redesign, especially the ones that will ultimately save us money and time. Perhaps, the most important thing that you did for FFEA was kept us on target, with both our timeline and our budget. As a contracted vendor, you were ALWAYS attentive to immediate needs, which are many in this business! What we really like best is that changes never affect your calm and cool personality!

Eleanor Krusell
Former Executive Director
Florida Festivals and Events Association, Inc.